Accounting software can't prevent fires. But Leonardo247 can.

We don’t track rent paid, we track risk managed. Better yet, we tell property managers how to mitigate risk in the first place by giving them automated, detailed guidance every day throughout the year. Replace ineffective operations binders with highly-customized daily action items which lower your exposure to insurance losses.

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Work orders respond to problems. Leonardo247 anticipates them.

Chances are critical preventative maintenance is being ignored at your communities. You need a more effective way to ensure that your teams in the field know how to care for their property before something goes wrong.

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Praying won't stop trees from falling. Leonardo247 does.

If you’re relying on your field teams’ ‘professional’ knowledge to avoid equipment failures and property losses then we can’t blame you for turning to a higher power. However, “divine guidance” is better delivered through Leonardo247’s highly detailed and customized checklists that cover everything a manager or maintenance worker needs to know, all year long.

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Crossing your fingers won't guarantee your Craigslist ad gets posted.

Nor does it ensure follow-through on any of the other critical day-to-day operational responsibilities community managers are expected to remember. No human can know it all – much less remember it all. Leonardo247 is your virtual “right-hand man”, giving daily guidance on everything from marketing, training, reporting and yes, even reminding you to post ads online for your available units.

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Day-by-day guidance for your on-site management teams

Leonardo247 advises your teams throughout the year on how to operate the multimillion dollar assets you place in their care

Exceptional Operational Control

Looking to lower your cost of ownership? Reduce your insurance premiums? Leonardo247 automatically gives the guidance needed to on-site management teams to better maintain your properties, mitigate risk and, most importantly, track progress that you can measure and control.

Automated Policies and Procedures

Let’s get real, you either don’t have good risk management and preventative maintenance policies, or they are ignored by your teams in the field. Leonardo247 automates policies and turns them into day-by-day manager guidance that you can track. And if you don’t have them in place to begin with relax, we’ll generate them for you in seconds based on each property’s unique characteristics.

Your Virtual Operations Advisor

Giving support and oversight to local management teams is time-consuming and difficult. Leonardo247 is a simple, cost-effective way to provide thorough direction to the field, coupled with unique accountability tools which allow portfolio managers to worry less about getting curbs painted red and more about keeping NOI in the black

You are one click away from turbocharging your productivity…

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The Word is Out…

It’s not often we see technology that can entirely shift the way we do business in property management, but the simple power of Leonardo247 has convinced me we’re seeing the future of property operations…

Sheila Carter

Vice President, Lincoln Property Company

Takes so much less time to do so much more – it still amazes me that I went all these years without it. It’s been a gift to my management style, teams, and even aids with employee evaluations.

Tari Waldner

Operations Manager, SMC

Who is Leonardo247?

We are an award-winning team of multifamily industry and technology experts that are redefining what it takes to successfully manage properties.

You can reach Leonardo247 by phone at 877-995-3662 (877-99-Leonardo)

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