social media resident retention

Increasing Resident Satisfaction Part 3: Social Media

To wrap up our three-part series on increasing resident satisfaction,…
Increasing Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Increasing Multifamily Satisfaction Part 1: Resident Surveys

In multifamily we often talk about customer service.  We prompt…
pool maintenance multifamily

Pool Maintenance: Opening the Community Pool

As we near the end of National Maintenance Month we know that…
small daily maintenance multifamily

Maintenance - All the Small Things

It’s National Maintenance Month and we are back again with…
improve maintenance improve renewals

Improve Maintenance, Increase Renewals

It’s National Maintenance Month. This week we want to highlight…
Multifamily Maintenance Emergency Preparedness

Maintenance Emergency Preparedness

As a veteran property manager, you already know that maintenance…
Multifamily Parking Organization

Multifamily Parking Wars: Part 3 - Organization

We are back with Multifamily Parking Wars: Episode 3: ORGANIZE…
multifamily parking plan

Multifamily Parking Wars: Part 2 - Parking Plan

After gathering the information necessary to make informed decisions…
Multifamily Parking Wars: Part 1 - Information

Multifamily Parking Wars: Part 1 - Information

In every major metropolis in the world parking is an issue. …

How the guest card can empower your lease team!

If information = power, then the guest card is the key to the…

Make Your Multifamily Data Matter!

If you are a modern multifamily manager, you likely use a property…