Multifamily Parking Organization

Multifamily Parking Wars: Part 3 – Organization

We are back with Multifamily Parking Wars: Episode 3: ORGANIZE your parking to eliminate problems. (Cue the Imperial March)  Parking can be a really great source of income, or at bare minimum an amenity, but it can also be a complete nightmare for all multifamily residents and staff.  Organization is the best method of defense against a multifamily parking mess. In this article we will give you some multifamily parking organization tips to help your community eliminate problems.

Multifamily Parking Organization


Whether your parking is free or paid, you will need to establish ground rules or it can quickly become chaos.  Some communities need stricter rules than other to keep it fair and organized.  A few things to consider in free or included parking are:

Assigning parking spaces will ensure that there is enough space for each resident and will equally distribute spots.  Be sure to clearly spell out which spaces are assigned to a resident in their lease agreement.  Give them a tag, sticker or some sort of indicator to place in the vehicles that are allowed in the parking area.  If you have both covered and uncovered parking, equally disperse these spots across the residents.  Make sure that the parking spots are clearly labeled to cut down on arguments between residents.


Allocate a certain area to guest parking. This can be in a sub-prime area of your parking lot, and require guests to park in that area so that they do not use valuable parking spots that are necessary for residents to gain easy access to their own homes.  Make sure to prepare your residents for the guest parking rules and dictate what time period a guest can occupy guest parking.  Standard multifamily parking organization rules is that a car can stay in guest parking for 12-24 hours and then it must be moved.  Without time regulations your guest parking could end up being long term storage and that eliminates the purpose.


The bottom line to any parking situation is that rules, have consequences.  These should be clearly outlined in lease agreement in the parking section.  It should be clearly stated, from day 1, that violation of the parking assignments, guest parking, or failure to pay for parking, can result in towing.  Contract with a towing company to keep that promise or you will find yourself in a mess with people ignoring your rules.


Don’t forget that you, as a multifamily community, have rules that you too must follow.  “No matter the age of the building, tenants do have disabled parking rights.  There’s no grandfather exception to the ADA; the facility is expected to “remove barriers to access” whenever “readily achievable.” according to  Furthermore, the Fair Housing Act states: “A minimum of two percent of the number of parking spaces serving covered dwelling units must be made accessible and they must be located on an accessible route; if different types of parking are offered, such as surface parking, garage, or covered spaces, a sufficient number of each type must be made accessible.” [Fair Housing Act, page 2.23]  Be sure you don’t violate any of these regulations in order to please a few residents.

All in all, the basic necessities of a parking plan include considering your community’s needs’, wants, rules and regulations into account while create a holistic plan that will balance the most amount of “pluses”.  Although it can be frustrating, ignoring parking will not make the problem go away.  It will simple escalate the issues.  So, even if you have NOT had a clear cut parking plan in the past, there is not time like TODAY to start!

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