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Proactive Pool Management Year Round

Summer is here and that means long days spent lounging by the pool. Keeping your property as welcoming and beautiful as possible for your residents or guests includes having a clean, safe, well-maintained pool. Proactive pool management, year round, will ensure that your pool is safe and beautiful for your residents.

Managing a pool throughout the year maintaining your pool is a yearlong effort and if you stick to a regular schedule, you’ll reap the rewards come summertime.

Daily Pool Management

When your pool is open for fun, you’ll need to attend to it every day. This means more than just clearing fallen leaves or rescuing rogue lady bugs.

Follow these 4 steps:

1. Skim the surface of the pool with a leaf skimmer to remove any debris that may have fallen in.
2. Check the Skimmer Baskets and Pump Traps for any foreign objects that have collected. This allows for proper circulation and prevents the growth of algae or bacteria.
3. Check the Pump and Filter System. Check all valves for leaks and make sure the filter tank doesn’t show high pressure (suggesting the filter may be clogged). Your pump and filter system should be running for at least 8-12 hours a day.
4. Test the water for sanitizer level, pH, and total alkalinity every day that the pool is in use, and after inclement weather (which can seriously impact your pool’s levels).

Weekly Pool Management

Each week, you will need to set aside some time to do a more in-depth job on your pool.

Follow these steps for a healthy, happy pool:

1. Clear any debris from the surface of the water or the bottom of the pool that you may have missed in your daily cleaning. You should also clean the tile around the water line.
2. Inspect the pool to ensure that the water is clear, the proper color, and free of any contaminants.
3. Check the water level and make sure there is enough for the pump to work properly
4. Test the water for proper pH, sanitizer and chlorine levels, Alkalinity, and Oxidizer and Stabilizer levels. Add whatever is necessary to achieve the proper balance.
5. Add algaecide if that is necessary for your pool.
6. Following the label instructions, shock the pool to maintain clear water, and destroy any germs or bacteria that may be growing. This can be done every 2 weeks.

Monthly Pool Management

Checking your pool monthly will help keep it clean and safe for the water lovers on your property.

Here are the monthly maintenance steps:

1. Visually inspect the tiles, grout, sealant, and any other exposed elements. Also check the seals in your motor and pump.
2. If you have a vinyl liner in the pool, check for holes and tears. Replace or repair as needed.
3. Check the steps, handrails, and all safety equipment to ensure that it’s working properly.
4. Test and adjust the: Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, alkalinity, and the Langelier Saturation Index. If you have a saltwater pool, test the salt levels as well.
5. Chemically clean the filter.

When you handle pool maintenance in a reactive manner, you risk the health and safety of pool-goers. Don’t allow your pool to become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria or increase the potential for injuries with unchecked safety equipment.

Proper pool maintenance is the key to a fun and safe summer.

Alpha and Omega Pool Services, providing superior pool maintenance and cleaning services to the Henderson, Nevada community.

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