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Q&A with Jessica Brittingham, Bonaventure Realty Group

Jessica Brittingham, BonaventureToday, on our blog we are going to do something a little different! Quite often we receive rave reviews of our performance management software and we love sharing those testimonials with the world. Every now and then we are able to sit down and for a few minutes, delve into the reasons behind our clients’ love of our system. We recently had the privilege of chatting with Jessica Brittingham, CAM, NALP, who is the director of training and support for Bonaventure Realty Group. She explains to us how Leonardo247 will further their efforts to improve the company’s performance and also the company culture and employee engagement.


LEONARDO247: “So Jessica, our first question may seem simple but it’s always our most asked: Why did Bonaventure choose Leonardo247?”

JESSICA: For Bonaventure, specifically, we are always trying to position ourselves ahead of our competitors in the areas of best practices, training techniques, and overall sales approach. We truly feel that Leonardo247 can help us lead the way in all of those areas.

LEONARDO247: “What was it, for you, that set Leonardo247 apart from other software companies in the industry?”

JESSICA: Although some of the ILS learning databases we have partnered with in the past have been more than accommodating and served their purpose, Bonaventure was looking to streamline its “Policy and Procedure” and combine this with educational components all in one friendly interface.

LEONARDO247: “How do you think that combining all of these tasks is beneficial to your company?”

JESSICA: We realize that our employees time is valuable. Although continuing education is important, we want to have complete transparency with our teams. Leonardo247 allows them to have access to every bit of information on an “as needed” and time efficient basis.

LEONARDO247: “What was the deciding factor that helped Bonaventure decide to deploy Leonardo247?”

JESSICA: When we found Leonardo247 and were able to test the product it was a no-brainer! It was like everything we had envisioned for our teams actually existed, in one place, and we knew in that moment, there was no other option that could bring the future of Bonaventure’s Resource Center to life.

LEONARDO247: “What do you plan to use Leonardo247 for?”

JESSICA: Leonardo247 will serve us well in the areas of: Policy and Procedure Forum. We plan to utilize it to assign Policy and Procedure as needed for accountability, house new hire information assignments, designate a la carte educational courses, handle task management, etc.

LEONARDO247: “What problems will Leonardo247 solve for you?”

JESSICA: At Bonaventure, we have phenomenal internal resources for our employees, however the way in which we housed our knowledge database was not the most user friendly or accessible interface. Our Teams deserve to have immediate access, and they deserve the opportunity to have an educational resource center that can be customized to their individual needs.

LEONARDO247: “So often, in multifamily we talk about employee engagement. How will this change employee engagement at Bonaventure?”

JESSICA: Leonardo247 will allow us to provide the optimal employee experience and keep the support they receive organized create a track record that will help them meet their goals.

LEONARDO247: What is one feature of Leonardo247 that really stands out to you?

JESSICA: Leonardo247 is completely customizable and this new product really allows us to build a unique interface that meets the demands of our best practices. It is a system that we can grow and change with and we feel very confident in our new partnership.

LEONARDO247: What excites you the most about this new partnership?

JESSICA: As the Director of Training and Support, I literally had goose bumps and butterflies when this product was introduced to us. I knew what my owners’ goals were and that we needed to have the ability to customize tools in order to bring them to life. Leonardo247 was the aha moment for us!

LEONARDO247: What are you most looking forward to achieving with Leonardo247?

JESSICA: The amount of growth that Bonaventure will achieve in the way of education is unparalleled to anything else we have ever seen.

Want to know more about how Leonardo247 can revolutionize your company’s performance?  Head over to our website for your FREE DEMO today.

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