What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Justin Marshall

Fogelman Management Group is a client of Leonardo247 on the operations side and decided in 2016 to expand the performance management to our construction management process.  We started testing their Unit Renovations production tool to help us gauge the time it was taking on each phase of our interior renovations.  This has not only helped reduce turn times during the renovations process, but has also helped us differentiate ourselves when we submit proposals for new business.  The transparency of our operations continues to be a big focal point for us in 2016, and Leonardo247 is helping us achieve our goals.

Justin MarshallChief Operating Officer, Fogelman Management Group
Girish S. Gehani

We have been a client since early 2016 and utilize Leonardo 247 to manage our risk management, preventative maintenance solutions, as well as a number of other facets of our overall property management platform. It has now become an integral part of our daily operations and allows us to have all of our policies, procedures, HR documentation and much more in one place for our teams to access easily. If we have any new updates, we no longer need to do a company wide distribution as we can update everything within Leonardo 247. In an environment where our site teams have to juggle a lot of different things, it helps them to manage their tasks and responsibilities in an easy to digest way. We also recently started using Leonardo’s custom dynamic forms to perform all of our inspections which is included as part of the platform. As a result, we were able to eliminate other costly software that we were previously using. Leonardo 247 has enhanced the way we operate and it gives us the piece of mind that our teams have access to everything they need to effectively and safely manage our assets.

Girish S. GehaniChief Operating Officer, Trilogy Real Estate Group
Tari Waldner

Sometimes we get busy. Rents coming in, people moving in and out, drama with residents and little things we call property management. Having this program we are assured that we have everyone on the same page and nearly at the same time. With a portfolio of over 3,000 units, ranging in sizes from 3 units to 460 units we can often lose timing, knowledge, and skill for many reasons; employee turn-over, property vacancy issue, demographic change, market stability, and ugly complacency.  Leonardo247 prevents that. It keeps those that are detail oriented on task. Those that are unfocused are now focused, those that take direction are getting it and those that honestly want you to know what they do but don’t want to brag get their bragging rights too. It just allows us to manage in a way that we were constantly struggling with before.

Tari WaldnerOperations Manager, Sattelite Management Company
LuAnne Acton Ross

We’ve spent a lot of time creating best practices for our teams in the field, but a binder and on-line database don’t ensure that those best practices are being followed. By logging into Leonardo247 each day, our staff knows the priorities of the day without the back and forth of emails, texts, and voicemails. The software has alleviated a huge burden for our Regional Managers, allowing them to focus on our bottom line. Additionally, we use the automated solution to show our clients everything we are doing for them on-site, giving us a competitive edge when bidding on new business.

LuAnne Acton RossPartner / Executive Vice President, JMG Realty, Inc.
Antonio Marquez

Why use Leonardo247? Are you kidding me… It’s the ‘Siri’ of Multi-family!

Antonio MarquezPrincipal, Comunidad Realty Partners
Shannon Dustin

We chose Leonardo to help our teams manage daily dedicated tasks more efficiently. I liken Leonard to Alexa.  She keeps me on track each day! To help our clients minimize Risk and see our on site teams productivity become more efficient. Having Leonardo keeps us all on track and accountable!  I love the Dashboards and Reports that are at my fingertips.  As a VP it is nice to review these reports and see the teams progress. Being that we are a Fee Based Mgt Co, it is nice to know our clients expectations and our policies are being enforced and met, as we promised.

Shannon DustinVice President, FPI Management
Lauren France

Leonardo is a convenient, customizable program for everything related to our fast paced property management industry. Daily, weekly and monthly reminders, checklists and tasks, data collection and reports, can be seamlessly shared among different users and platforms within our entire portfolio.  Leonardo helps our onsite team proactively manage the day to day operations of our community, enabling us to be more productive and efficient in our continually growing, and competitive property management environment!

Lauren FranceEverett Community Director, FPI Management
John Wakefield

What initially stood out to us was Leonardo’s deep knowledge and experience in property management which resulted in an efficient customization of the software for our needs.  Once we made the decision to move forward, the implementation was smooth and relatively simple and intuitive.  Moreover, the on-going support during the first few months was helpful and shortened the learning curve for our on site managers. I would recommend Leonardo247 for senior management looking to streamline performance management at the property level!

John WakefieldPrincipal at VW Multifamily