About Us

We believe…

… that property operations benefit immensely when on-site teams adhere to standardized best practices and procedures.
… that serious negative consequences can arise when these procedures are not implemented properly.
… that no human being can be expected to remember all of these procedures from day to day.
… that relying upon intelligent software rather than an individual’s memory is a more reliable way to make sure policies and procedures are put in to action, at the right time.


We believe that property operations benefit immensely and costly negative consequences are avoided when software is utilized to recall, convey and track critical procedures, rather than relying on the ad hoc knowledge and memories of human beings.
If you draw the same conclusion, request a demo immediately. Help is on the way.
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We wrote the book on best practices for property managers. Literally!

365 Days of Property Management, by Leonardo247 Co-Founder Daniel Cunningham, helped set the stage for Leonardo247.

The best practices and pragmatic risk management, preventive maintenance and training tools featured in the book are now exclusively available in an even more practical and usable format — the Leonardo247: Performance Management Software.

It’s one of the reasons why our team is uniquely placed to help property management professionals reach new levels of performance management.

365 Days of Property Management