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Benefits of Adding Software to Your Multifamily Management

The multifamily management industry is trending toward technology in every aspect. In the past several years, other arms of real estate such as mortgage and short-term leasing companies have been “digitizing” their systems. Yet it is multifamily management teams who stand to benefit the most from the digital shift. Let’s take a real-world look the […]

Multifamily Holiday Packages: Beat the Rush!

Yes, this time of year everyone is rushing around, shopping, baking, wrapping and it is no surprise with the continued uptake in online shopping that this time of year can become a logistical nightmare for multifamily communities. But it’s time to beat the rush in dealing with multifamily holiday packages. According to the NMHC: “Residents […]

Maintenance Improvement Tips: Enhancing the Resident Experience

In Multifamily, far too often, we focus on the resident experience in areas like leasing and office staff.  Years ago, it may have been true that residents interacted regularly with office staff, now, with digital rent payments, that interaction is drastically decreased.  Residents’ happiness will always be directly proportional to their overall opinion of the […]

Is Your Community Using a Customer Centric Multifamily System?

As multifamily professionals, we all know that the overall goal of any community is to successfully fill all of their units not just with residents but with HAPPY residents.  We work hard, every day, to maintain a safe and happy community environment.  However, the multifamily industry, as a whole, must resist the traditional notions of […]

Q&A with Jessica Brittingham, Bonaventure Realty Group

Today, on our blog we are going to do something a little different! Quite often we receive rave reviews of our performance management software and we love sharing those testimonials with the world. Every now and then we are able to sit down and for a few minutes, delve into the reasons behind our clients’ […]

Renter’s Insurance: A Valuable Commodity to Entire Multifamily Industry

The past and coming weeks seem to hold a wealth of natural disasters for our country. In light of the power of nature we decided to focus, this week, on insurance, more specifically renter’s insurance that your residents purchase to protect themselves and their belongings. In recent years there has been a trend in multifamily […]