property manager Work life balance

Balancing Work vs Life as a Property Manager

Those in the multifamily industry know that the role of a property manager is more than a nine to five gig.  Oftentimes, property managers live on site, where their job is also their home. Even for those who live outside the community, the constant buzz of their cell phone with an emergency call or email can take its toll. Effective property managers need to love their job since it does require a lot of work. However, burn out is common because it can be difficult to balance work and a personal life. If you are a property manager seeking a better work/life balance, take a look at some of our suggestions below:

property manager work life balance

Prioritize: First and foremost, save some sanity by prioritizing. While at work, prioritize your workload. During working hours, what do you consider your must-do’s and things that must get accomplished before the end of your workday? Tackle those first. After work, if you get an emergency call at home, prioritize that as well. Is it a busted pipe flooding an apartment or just a faucet drip? Don’t feel like you have to solve every problem in the 24 hours the day gives you. While it is important to be quick and efficient, if a problem can wait until business hours, let it.

property manager trust staff

Trust your staff: As a property manager, do you consider yourself a true leader or just a boss? Bosses tend to assign tasks to their staff, whereas leaders empower their staff and trust that they will achieve their shared goals. Make a plan for how to handle an after-hours emergency, and involve your staff in the process. Not only will they feel more connected to their jobs because they were asked for input, you are communicating that they can also handle problems that arise. This takes the stress of solving every problem off of you and puts it in the hands of your team.

Be Quick: If you do need to take an after-hours call or email, make your response as quick and efficient as possible so you can get back to enjoying your personal time. Make a list of any follow up tasks you might need to accomplish the next day. Try not to let any frustrations spill over into that personal time as well.

property manager work lifeDo You: Take pride in the fact that you enjoy your job and have an amazing work ethic, but also realize that work is not your life and does not define you. Spending time with family and friends and putting effort into those relationships should not suffer at the hands of your job. Make plans with the important people in your life, and don’t let things that come up at work force you to cancel them. Take time for yourself as well. Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. These things will energize you and positively impact how you feel about your job.

Feeling accomplished and successful as a property manager is important, but equally important is distinguishing between work and personal life to avoid burning out. Just because your community runs 24 hours a day doesn’t mean you have to as well. Leonardo247 provides a solution for overworked property managers by streamlining practices and procedures with the use of technology. If you are interested in creating more of a work/life balance, request a demo to find out how:

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