We already have property management software – isn’t Leonardo247 the same thing?

Absolutely not! Leonardo247 is Performance Management software – it is not for accounting and we don’t process work orders. Leonardo247 is a way to communicate and track everything else field operational teams should be doing when not accounting, leasing or processing work orders. Leonardo247 is a major sea-change in thought as to how properties should be operated – automating it.

Leonardo247’s Performance Management Software delivers daily guidance and accountability for on-site teams while offering real-time visibility to supervisors into what’s happening – or not happening – at your properties. Leonardo247 is a powerful tool in aligning corporate objectives with effective communication and guidance throughout an organization in order to attain overall goals.

Do I have to download software?

Nope. Leonardo247 “lives” in the cloud which means that all you have to do is have access to a computer and the internet and Leonardo247 will always be right there with you! Leonardo247 works on smart phones and mobile tablets as well.

How much does Leonardo247 cost?

Depending on your portfolio makeup you can elect to choose per unit or flat-rate per property pricing. But Leonardo247 is incredibly affordable either way – don’t worry! Contact us today for a quote at 877-995-3662 (877-99-Leonardo).

Can each property have multiple usernames/logins?

Yes. You can have unlimited local users for each property, and give them restricted access to what they can see.

Can we customize the action items?

Absolutely! We designed Leonardo247 to be highly customizable. With a click of the edit button and/or the “Add New Template” tab, you can instantly create, edit or deactivate action items at will.

Is there a limit to how many properties can be uploaded per customer?

Nope. Leonardo247 can handle as many properties as you have in your portfolio.

Once we become customers of Leonardo247 is our information secure?

Absolutely! We understand that your data is your livelihood and it must be kept secure. We use a state-of-the-art data center, manned 24x7x365. All sensitive data is encrypted and our redundant infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service availability. It is bank-grade security.

Can I attach a document/photo to a particular action item?

Absolutely. If you have a weekly meeting agenda or a new company-wide policy, just upload the document, click submit and the file will now be available to the selected properties INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Can I add notes to a particular action item?

You bet! We actually recommend that a note be required to be entered and initialed before a manager can click an action item complete. It adds to the integrity of the system.

Is the license fee annual or monthly?

The license fee is a monthly charge.

Does Leonardo247 integrate with Yardi/Realpage/MRI?

There isn’t a place within these programs to accept Leonardo247 action items – what we do is unique. So there is nothing for us to integrate with.

How much time does it take every day for a manager to complete the Leoanardo247 action items lists?

Leonardo247 doesn’t add any work to your community manager’s day, it should only reflect those actions which you expect them to be doing already. It takes only about 15 minutes over the course of an entire day to check off the actions as they are completed and enter notes as necessary.

How do I get all of my policies entered into Leonardo247?

That’s easy – we do it for you! You share your binders, excel spreadsheets, and post-it-notes with us and we’ll sift through it all, find the actionable items locked away in these pieces of paper, and upload everything into Leonardo247 for you!

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