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Green Space and the Multifamily Community

multifamily outdoor grill areaGone are the days of “concrete” jungle apartment communities. Today’s multifamily housing is rich with features to enhance resident’s lives. In recent years, a multifamily population increase has raised the bar for community amenities. Often, residents are choosing multifamily communities over single family home ownership for convenience as well amenities. In order to stay current in competition, the industry is evaluating their features and are quickly finding that multifamily green space is not a luxury but a necessity.

Multifamily Green Space is Universal

Outdoor space to sprawl is a deficiency of many older, traditionally designed communities. Today’s multifamily spaces include ample green spaces that act as shared areas among residents. Outdoor spaces appeal to nearly every resident across age and walk of life. Fitness conscious residents may see it as the perfect place to squeeze in an early morning run. For the parents, it is a place to play with their kids.  Pet owners, appreciate the space for their dog to run.

elderly park multifamilyThe benefits of shared green space are largely realized in areas of the population such as our elderly residents. These residents tend to feel less lonely when they have access to green space and fresh air. Studies also show that students in multifamily housing have reduced stress levels when granted easy access to outdoor facilities.

Green space offers numerous benefits to residents in any walk of life.

Multifamily Green Space is Economical

Many residents weigh outdoor space into their consideration of a community. Properties with spaces for grilling, such as patios and decks, often garner the highest leases. Even though outdoor spaces are becoming ample and elaborate, expenses necessary for creating inviting outdoor spaces can be surprisingly low compared to other amenities and can yield an extremely high ROI. With lower associated costs for installation and maintenance than other such amenities, adding green space to your multifamily plan can be a win-win for all involved.

Keeping the green space plan simple can help to reduce up-front costs. Offering raised planting beds or garden plots as a small rental fee can help recoup the costs. Regardless of concept, a properly planned green space’s return can far exceed its investment.

multifamily feature gardenMultifamily Green Space is Functional

Multifamily green space can function in many forms that fit each individual property’s profile. Areas for congregating, hosting friends and family, community meals and activities, can all foster a sense of home inside a multifamily community. When creating green spaces, keep in mind their function and customize the area.

Some great ideas for customized areas include:

Community Garden- Garden Tool Shed with tools to be borrowed by residents, Garden plot area for cultivating, seeds, gardening aids and more.

Outdoor Family Dining Area– include a flat area with table / chairs seating, ample waste receptacles, food prep area and grilling station.

Sun Bathing Area– You could align the sun space near the pool area and furnish it with loungers, umbrellas and stock the area with towels for sun seekers. Fence the area for privacy.

Pet Park Area – Allot a small area just for dogs. Fence the area to allow pets to socialize and run freely. Be sure to include seating for humans and water fountain / hose area for the dogs. Additionally, add a “clean up” station equipped with waste bags and a trash to encourage the residents to keep clean.

multifamily community playgroundPlayground / Ball Fields–   Family friendly communities should offer safe places for children to play. A fenced area with playground equipment, swings or toys can offer a welcomed retreat for parents. Create simple concrete paths for children to ride bicycles or for parents to push strollers can be popular.

Fire Pit / Outdoor Fireplace Area– Facilities such as a seating area around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can project your community as a home retreat. Position this near an outdoor bar area and be ready for happy hour.

Fitness Park Area – Most every community has an indoor workout facility but runners and other fitness minded individuals will appreciate paved walking or running trails and even a planned workout course with chin up bars, sit up areas, and guided exercises including stretches, squats etc. With little expense you can work with a local fitness expert to host classes on your property and extend the usefulness of the fitness facilities.multifamily roof top garden

Urban Multifamily Green Spaces need to be creative

Urban communities do not have to exclude green space. Creative solutions can be found to include outdoor areas even in land locked communities. Rooftop decks and gardens are a trend that is growing stronger by the day. Even with smaller rooftops, areas can be segmented to allow multiple residents to enjoy the space simultaneously. Seating areas and water features can add serenity to otherwise busy areas. Used also for entertaining can be a huge feature for potential residents.

multifamily green space maintenanceMultifamily Green Space Maintenance

Fears of maintenance costs can deter property owners from including green space in their community models, but this is counterproductive. Your property will likely need the services of a landscaper regardless. Get creative with your landscaper to create spaces which will not be costly to maintain.  Choose natural wood chips over grass. Use plantings that are indigenous to the area. Plant perennial flowers to reduce the need to replace each year.

As with other amenities, include green spaces in your nested action cycle regular maintenance routines. Keeping green spaces adequately groomed and maintenance will ensure their longevity and allow residents to experience the benefits for years to come. Leonardo247 can help incorporate your new green spaces, seamlessly, into your daily work flow. Even when brand new, green spaces require regular check-ups.

In today’s competitive market, outdoor green space is becoming a necessity. Innovative ideas can help expand your communities perceived value. With little investment your property can garner a huge ROI for green spaces.

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