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With one single source of communication for all things operations, Leonardo247 will reduce the number of less efficient, costly systems and processes, and consolidate those into one place for convenience, ease of use, time savings, and transparency.

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Trilogy Property Management
Greystar Property management
FPI Property Management

Smart Task Automation

Smart Task Automation
multifamily inspections

Due Diligence

Conducting rigorous due diligence inspections before purchasing a multifamily property is essential in avoiding the substantial repair and maintenance costs that can lie hidden beneath the surface.

With our flexible inspection modules, your field team can easily document an entire property, unit by unit, with pictures and typed notes, and generate helpful reports to tie everything together.

We also secure your data with unlimited storage and multiple backups.

Preventative Maintenance

Leonardo247 helps you preserve your asset’s value by automatically producing maintenance schedules for every major piece of equipment and amenity you’ll find at your multifamily community. 

Digital, paperless inspections allows Leonardo247 to warn executives real-time when those procedures aren’t being followed.

No guesswork, no crossing your fingers, and no more simply hoping that your maintenance teams know what they’re doing.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Management

Your multifamily operation is only as good as your weakest link.  Strengthen your portfolio by implementing Leonardo247 across your properties, and you can reduce your exposure to liability claims.

You let us know about your property as well as some info about the equipment and amenities you offer, and Leonardo247 gives you dynamic prioritized task lists to help your on-site teams stay on track and keep the property safe.


Every property will see wear and tear, so regular inspections help preserve the value of your multifamily assets by catching small problems before they become catastrophes.

Our dynamic forms allow you to create an inspection checklist for nearly every use case from new tenant turnovers, common area maintenance, and much more.

Aside from helping your on-site team capture the data, we give you the ability to generate reports to gain critical insights into the state of your multifamily property.


Units Managed


Inspections Completed


Reports Generated

Smart Task Automation

Standard Operating Procedures

Multifamily businesses thrive on consistency and we can help you set and measure expectations of your team.

Leonardo247 can store all of your processes so that your team can easily initiate workflows that will automatically generate a documented, step-by-step process for a consistent operations strategy.

We make sure that you know every process is handled the way you would want it done.


Leonardo247 will help ensure that the policies and procedures for all regulated federal and state housing programs are current and maintained.

We keep your on-site teams up-to-date with compliance issues and remind them to file reviews, conduct periodic site visits, and assist with lease-ups as needed.

Code Compliance
Document Management

Municipal Codes

Every day our A.I. technology scans all of the municipal codes across the country, then lets you know exactly which local codes affect your properties.  

We give you the visibility as to impact it will have on your community and the guidance you need to meet your legal obligations contained in these constantly-changing municipal codes. 

Robust Reporting

With Leonardo247 your team can confidently make smart decisions about your multifamily business.

Our tracking and reporting capabilities give you real-time visibility into the performance of your multifamily assets and help you identify the areas that have the opportunity for the most improvement.


The NEW Way to Operate Your Assets

Leonardo247 will simplify on-site operations and keep your investment safe.