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Multifamily Holiday Packages: Beat the Rush!

Yes, this time of year everyone is rushing around, shopping, baking, wrapping and it is no surprise with the continued uptake in online shopping that this time of year can become a logistical nightmare for multifamily communities. But it’s time to beat the rush in dealing with multifamily holiday packages.

According to the NMHC: “Residents rank a package delivery holding area as the second most popular community amenity behind fitness centers, so there’s a huge incentive for apartment community managers to wrangle the growing volume of deliveries,” said Rick Haughey, NMHC Vice President of Industry Technology Initiatives.  “A lot has to happen behind the scenes to make sure the package gets from the delivery truck to the resident’s home. This survey offers a first peek into the logistics and new technologies around package delivery.”

Since we just passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday it entirely possible that multifamily communities are experiencing as much as an 80% increase in packages in just ONE week’s time.  That is almost unbelievable. Not really when you see news sources like CNN proclaiming that Black Friday 2017 was “all about digital sales”.  CNN reports that Americans spent $5 billion dollars in just 24 hours, selling more than 200,000 toys.  This was an increase of 16.9% over 2016.

But how does a multifamily community begin to make sense of this veritable flood of holiday packages? Here are a few tips:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Have a plan and discuss this with your entire team as well as your normal delivery persons.  Having everyone on the same page will save your sanity.
  2. Encourage residents to use the “ship to store” or “site to store” option to cut down on not only the number of packages but their spending dollars (that could go toward a lease payment) on shipping!
  3. Organize the packages neatly in a safe and secure area and have one single “team leader” for packages.
  4. Be sure to clearly communicate with your residents WHEN and HOW to pick up packages.
  5. Devise a notification system inside your own community. Potentially door hanger notes, etc. This will help encourage residents to pick up their packages promptly and not use your facility as free storage for their stuff.
  6. Consider “taking the post office out of the front office” and invest in smart lockers. Check out this article where Property Management Insiders break down the smart lockers trend!
  7. Devise rules for how to handle packages that are broken, damaged when received. Don’t let your community be blamed for shipping damages.

As a multifamily tech company ourselves, we can’t help but give a nod to the new technologies out there such as Luxer One that can help you handle the holiday rush.  But even if your community cannot invest in new technology, you CAN have a great holiday package season built on the simple concepts of good communication.  It truly is the key to winning the package wars!

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