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Multifamily Maintenance Checks for Spring

There’s a reason why “spring cleaning” is a common phrase heard this time of year. After being cooped up indoors due to cold weather, people are ready to freshen things up and welcome the nicer temperatures. Those in the multifamily industry know that springtime also means property maintenance checks to make sure things are running smoothly. By inspecting interior and exterior systems, multifamily property managers can stay on top of any damages or repairs caused by winter weather and prepare for any spring or summer storms, ultimately saving time and money in the long run.

Take a look at some of our suggestions to incorporate into your spring preventative multifamily maintenance routine:      

  1. Parking Lot Repair: Any small cracks in your properties’ parking lot that existed before winter started will most likely be worse after winter. When water gets into concrete cracks and freezes, it enlarges them, sometimes causing further breakdown of the concrete in the form of small potholes. Save your residents’ tires and your curb appeal by hiring a company to reseal your parking lot.

  2. Exterior and Roofing: Winter winds and snow and ice may have deteriorated your buildings’ exterior surfaces. Inspect and assess any damage like chipped paint or worn siding. Most importantly, to avoid leaks and any further damage, check for any roof shingles that need to be replaced or repaired.

  3. Landscaping: Even though leaf removal may have been on your fall checklist, some dead leaves and branches can drop throughout the winter as well, so do another round of leaf clearing. Take careful consideration around fences and outdoor equipment where leaves can naturally pile up. Once your area is completely clean, spring also ushers in planting season. Get an early start on sprucing up your property with flowers by planting annuals since they thrive in cooler spring weather and will come back each year.

  4. Irrigation: Once you’ve spent the time and money on your landscaping, run a check of your irrigation system to make sure your plants are watered properly. Examine your property’s irrigation system and make sure no winter weather damaged sprinkler heads or undid any drainage pathways.

  5. Pool: If your property has a community pool that opens in summer, spring is the perfect time to start its opening prep work. Hire a power washing company to clean any dirt and debris in preparation of opening. Several pool companies also offer a comprehensive spring opening check that include inspecting valves, lights and pumps and testing water balances and chemical levels.

  6. Mechanical Systems: Even though spring makes us focus more on exterior systems in preparation of summer’s warm weather, don’t ignore your interior systems checks. Replacing air filters in all air conditioning units will ensure better indoor air quality for your residents. While making the rounds to each unit, you should also check your fire safety systems and/or carbon monoxide detectors. Some may need to be re-calibrated or have batteries changed.

  7. Interior of Units: Get your residents to hop on your spring-cleaning bandwagon. In your next newsletter or memo to tenants, offer a suggestive list of ways they can keep their apartments neat and tidy. Some things on your checklist may include reminders for keeping carpets and tile floors clean with suggested cleaners. You may also offer a reminder of how to care for countertops by not chopping without a cutting board. Give tips for running the dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer and dryer properly to maintain the life of appliances. Just as you want to plant flowers and landscape your property, keep in mind your tenants may want to plant flowerpots as well. Suggest keeping protective pallets under containers to avoid water leaking onto wood decks or ledges.

In conclusion, spring multifamily maintenance checks are crucial and should not be avoided, however many property managers find the length of the to-do list daunting. Many properties simply do not have the manpower to accomplish everything, and hiring multiple companies to complete the work can be hard to manage.

The use of technology can streamline the process and make it more efficient. With Leonardo247, you can produce customized lists and create a completely digital multifamily maintenance schedule for your property. If you want to learn more about alleviating property managers’ stress while making your spring maintenance checks more efficient, request a demo today



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