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Pool Maintenance: Opening the Community Pool

As we near the end of National Maintenance Month we know that many of the multifamily communities out there are nearing the start of pool season (or are already there).  Of course, pool season comes with an increase in maintenance demands, especially if you are not using an outside contractor.  But the community pool is such a huge asset and amenity which draws residents to your community, that it is worth the increase in maintenance needs.  In today’s blog we talk about pool maintenance as it relates to opening for the season.

Pre-Opening Pool Maintenance

Before opening your pool area, it is time to do safety and function checks.  Checking out each part of the pool, deck, furniture etc. will ensure that your residents are safe and happy while using the amenity.  Check for leaks, cracks or dripping pipes, rough or sharp edges, broken items, or items showing rusting that could lead to safety issues.   Fencing should be checked to ensure that there are no missing areas, that the gate is functioning and easy to open /close.  Additionally, it is time to get the pool chemicals correct to make the water looking beautiful and inviting.

A full Safety Check for the pool should include:

  1. All functioning pool equipment such as filters, pumps, and lighting.
  2. All safety features such as grates, covers, steps, ladders, etc.
  3. All pool decking or concrete skirting
  4. All safety placards or information boards
  5. All pool area fencing and furniture
  6. Pool chemistry and water clarity
  7. Spa / Jacuzzi chemistry and heater

Pool Opening

When the safety checks are done and the pool is ready to open, now is the fun part.  It is time to introduce your newly open pool to your residents!  Consider marketing your pool just like any other exciting happening in your community.  Although the residents likely have the “Pool Opening Date” on their community calendar, it never hurts to go the extra mile.

Announcing your Pool Opening

  • If your apartment community offers a text or email listserv, use it to spread the word.
  • Leave a small gift at your residents’ doors or in their mailboxes to announce the event.
  • Host a pool party to officially open the pool. For some great ideas on pool opening parties check out this site.
  • Share your pool opening on social media. Its great advertising and helps promote good will among your residents.
  • Consider a colorful door hanger to announce the occasion! Check out this one from Sprout.

Plan to Use your Pool for more than Swimming

In addition to having normal pool hours, you can beef up your pool’s effectiveness in your marketing by:

  • Updating your pool photos. If you have purchased new furniture or resurfaced the pool, its time for a new professional photo!
  • Planning resident events that center around the pool. It can be for more than just pool parties! (But those are great fun too!)  Think outside the box and plan for a “Swim up” movie or poolside yoga in the early morning.
  • Invite prospective and new residents to your pool happenings with a personal call or note to help them “bond” and cement relationships inside the community.
  • Bragging about your awesome happenings on social media! It’s okay to brag! Showing the rest of the world just how fun it is to live at your community can only be beneficial.

Continuing Maintenance Throughout the Season

To ensure that your residents are able to use the pool safely throughout the entire summer, you will want to ensure, with regularity, that your pool is properly maintained.  The same list of “opening” checks should be included in your regular maintenance routines.  Check water chemistry should happen multiple times during the day.  Checking safety elements are also included in the daily checks.  Keeping the fun happening at your community’s pool includes making sure that your residents are safe.

Worried about incorporating this added maintenance load into your team’s daily?  Check out the Leonardo247 Demo today and find out how to make this added responsibility easily fit into your team’s task list!


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