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Preventative Maintenance for Multifamily Apartment Housing

Preventative maintenance should play a large role in the property management daily process but it is often put on the back burner.

Daily, multifamily management and maintenance teams try their best to create safe, beautiful and appealing communities that appeal to residents.

To create better performing multifamily apartment communities, let’s explore exactly what is preventative maintenance and why is it important for multifamily communities?

What is Preventative Maintenance?

preventative maintenance multifamily apartmentPreventative maintenance should be second nature to every property management and maintenance team.

It is likely something that property owners and managers know they should be doing, but they struggle with finding the right strategy to make the process efficient.

Believe me, we totally get it!

Multifamily teams are constantly busy. From leasing to cutting the grass, every day in multifamily operations is jam packed with more and more to do.

Far too often that means that preventative maintenance tasks get overlooked in lieu of putting residents’ needs and marketing first.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

There are many reasons why preventative maintenance is important for apartment communities.

Taking care of your property creates a safe environment for your residents.

Every property owner and manager understands that the safety of their residents is of utmost concern.

Preventative maintenance ensures that teams are taking care of their property regularly which keeps the systems safe, reliable and in good working order.

Having faulty equipment or falling behind on maintenance tasks can lead to dangerous situations, failed inspections and increased risk for your residents.

Regular inspections and maintenance extend the life of your systems

Property managers need to avoid getting into a pattern of run to failure maintenance.  Instead, create a maintenance program that is proactive in your approach.

Preventative maintenance inspections on systems that appear to be functioning correctly can help to identify and correct small issues before they become catastrophic failures.

For example, identifying and repairing a leaking water heater can prevent flooding which causes damage to multiple units.

Avoid unplanned maintenance interruptions to schedules and budgets

The daily schedules for multifamily property managers are always jam packed with tasks that usually run over from one day to the next.

From leasing to completing resident work orders, oftentimes teams can barely accomplish their urgent tasks let alone complete an ever-growing list of “back burner” system checks.

If you think your day is already busy, imagine trying to find time in the day to fix a major equipment failure. Things like boiler system breakdowns can throw a wrench in your day!

Above and beyond the time it takes to fix a critical failure, your apartment community will incur an even bigger expense to fix an “emergency” system breakdown which could blow the entire budget for the month.

Tips for Implementing a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

apartment preventative maintenance checklistWhat makes preventative maintenance a cumbersome task is that it requires careful scheduling.

Not only must you schedule maintenance with your property management teams, but they must be committed to ensuring that the plan happens on time…or the whole system doesn’t work.

Avoid having “blocks” of time set aside for preventative maintenance (Example: A week in each season) because if something goes wrong during that predetermined block of time, you may have to push out the maintenance checks another month, quarter or even year!

Work preventative maintenance into your daily schedule by completing a few preventative maintenance tasks daily that won’t overwhelm your schedule. This will help you to chip away at the larger list.

Building the work into your regular routines will eliminate frustrations from teams because they know that this is just part of the job.

Leonardo247 can help you to build a custom preventative maintenance schedule.  Leonardo247 is unique in that it is tailored to your specific multifamily community and helps keep your employees on track with their dynamic task scheduling.

Craft a Checklist for Preventative Maintenance

When establishing a maintenance routine (or overhauling a current system) it is important to remember that you should not just set out to do things randomly each day.

Instead, approach it with a plan and establish a preventative maintenance checklist so each team knows what needs to be done and complete tasks strategically.

Track the progress of each task as they are completed so that you know how well your property managers are performing.

Keep detailed notes (and include pictures when necessary) to help communicate completed tasks vs items that are still to be done.  This is important because if you plan on (or unexpectedly) changing staff, the notes will help explain what has been done recently and give the newcomer insight into the current state of the property.

Tracking progress prevents your staff from accidentally overlooking a task when they receive an emergency phone call from a resident with a clogged toilet.

If you want to create a winning preventative maintenance checklist, Leonardo247 can help!

Communicate any findings in a timely manner

The chief objective to preventative maintenance is not only to inspect but to take action to repair any systems that are in need of some updates.

Each team should have an established method to communicate repair needs to management in a timely manner to prevent further breakdowns, delays and expenses.

Any risks that are found during maintenance checks that are imminently dangerous to residents, should be dealt with immediately and through properly documented channels.

Leonardo247 can potentially help you reduce your community’s risk by simply preventing disasters from happening in the first place.

Does Your Community’s Preventative Maintenance Plan need an overhaul?

Take action today! Responsible multifamily property managers understand that successful, productive communities run on preventative maintenance.

Help your communities get ahead of the maintenance “game” today.

An investment into the productivity of your preventative maintenance plan is an investment in the long-term well-being of your apartment community.

Make a smart choice and request your demo of the Leonardo247 Preventative Maintenance Solution.

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